This handmade Botanical Side Table is made using 15mm copper pipe and planks of African Sapele hard wood timber.

We professionally solder every joint making this a strong and solid single piece of furniture ready to be installed in your space.

The African Sapele wood has been sealed with Oil and is Biscuit jointed, routed, sanded and then mounted on a raised floating platform using specialist brass clips.

You can choose from two finishes. The pictures show the copper in a Polished & Lacquered finish that will maintain it's bright copper colour and reflective shine.

Natural Finish will arrive to you with the same appearance and will then darken over time to a warm, deep brown industrial colour.

Hanging plant pots can be found at almost any garden center. But we would also recommend spicing the look up with a decorative Macrame plant hanger. Macrame hangers are usually supplied with a loop at the top. In this case you can add a copper hook to your order which is available to order also.



Overall measurements -

W: 1240mm
H: 800mm
D: 350mm

Sides Plant hanging spaces - Recommended (x2) -

W: 250mm
H: 500mm
D: 250mm

Central Plant hanging spaces - Recommended (x1) -

W: 600mm
H: 500mm
D: 250mm

Please note, plants and hangers are not included. Listing is for the Botanical Side Table only.


Even though our Botanical Side Tables are one solid piece the bases can be found to be narrow compared to the height. It's just a precaution but we recommend care and consideration when choosing where to position it in your home or business. If necessary you can ask for a couple of extra brass clips in a note on your order. This will allow you to fix the top section of the copper pipework to a wall. Then you know it's not going anywhere!


Please contact us if you would like to explore custom options, or discuss measurements and finishes. Please note that custom measurements and requirements will usually cost more.



The appearance of copper, brass and timber finishes may differ from the images attached. However it will be made using the exact same materials and we will make your order as close to the images as possible. Dimensions stated are approximate and suitable tolerances/clearance space around this unit should be considered. We test each initial design we make. However we cannot guarantee what the strength of the piece will be. We advise that the item is not placed under heavy loads and not subject to high forms of stress.